Below you can find the most frequently asked questions. In case your question is not answered, please send an email to info@thebikeboys.nl and we will answer your question within 24 hours.

If you put some WD40 lockspray in the lock the problem is solved in 95% of the cases (you can buy this in a shop called Action). In case that doesn’t work, please contact us and we help you as soon as possible.

A beautiful secondhand city bike, which is black in most cases. All our bikes have a backpedal brake (as almost all bikes do in the Netherlands) and are equipped with lights and a bike bell. Even though the bikes are secondhand, mechanically they are all checked and new. We use the frames of old Amsterdam bikes, renew the mechanics, and sell them to students. Of course they meet all safety requirements such as brake functionality, strong tires and overall stability of the bike.

We understand that you wan’t to have your bike ASAP when you arrive in Amsterdam. We want the same thing!
In your order you can specify when you would like to pick up your bike. You will also receive an email approximately one week prior to your arrival with the exact location/time to pick it up.

Yes, you can! If you order a basket on our website, we’ll install it direclty on the back of your bike during your bike pick up. Do you want to add a basket to your order later? No problem, just order it on our website and send us an email. We’ll make sure to link the bike and the basket order.

All mechanical parts (brake, chain, wheels and frame) are included in the warranty for six months when they are too rusty or don’t work properly anymore. In case you cause the damage to the bike yourself, then we don’t cover the repair of course. A flat tyre is also included in the warranty for the first 14 days (a flat tyre in Amsterdam occurs approximately two/three times per year). In case you get a flat tyre after 14 days we can also repair it for you, but we charge a small fee for this.

Yes we do! Upon availability, we offer a bike rental service for students who bought a bike with us. Renting a bike for friends/family is a great way to show Amsterdam to them. For 17.50 Euro you can rent a bike with us for a weekend (Friday until Monday). Please note that we have a limited amount of bikes available so please send us an email with the rental dates and the amount of bikes so we can check the availability. Not a BikeBoys customer but you want to rent a bike? This is possible for €25 per weekend.

When you pick up your bike, we’ll explain all the ins and outs on how to lock your bike the safest way possible. This minimizes the risk of your bike getting stolen but unfortunately sometimes it still happens.
The moment you receive your bike, it is your property. This means that if it gets stolen, we can’t give you a new bike for free. Sometimes we have a couple of bikes left and we can give you a good deal for a little bit less quality bike to compensate for your loss.
With your bike, we don’t offer any form of insurance, but if you have a travel insurance this generally covers the costs. Of course, we are happy to help you in the process of filing a police report for your insurance.

No worries! Even though Amsterdam is small and great to walk around, a bike is definitely essential. We always do our best to help as many students as we can. Therefore, if we are sold out on our website, send us an email to info@thebikeboys.nl. We’ll do everything in our power to help you. However, if we can give you one tip: every year we completely sell out, so just order your bike a couple of weeks in advance 🙂