• Bike

    All our bikes are secondhand, but they feel like brandnew. We use the old frames of Amsterdam bikes, give them a new life and renew the mechanics and tyres where necessary. Of course, all are equipped with lights and a bike bell. Moreover, they meet all safety requirements and are checked on brake functionality, overall stability of the bike and tyres. They may or may not be the most beautiful thing you've ever seen, but as we Dutchies say: "In Amsterdam you need a high quality but ugly bike, to prevent it from getting stolen!"
  • Lock

    As you can imagine, the last thing that you want for your bike is to have it stolen. This sturdy chain lock forms the perfect solution. The lock is 8mm thick and it has a length of 100 cm. Still, it is easy to use when you want to lock your bike safely to a lamppost, fence or basically anything. While cycling you can also easily lock it around your bike so you'll hardly notice it's there. Plus, it comes with 3 keys. That being said, we have to be honest with you. If a professional bike thief wants your bike, they can break any lock open. However, being made of hardened steel, this lock makes anybody think twice before trying to break it.  
  • Basket

    Ideal basket to carry your groceries and school bag!
  • It is not allowed to look on your phone while biking in the city without a phone holder! Want to avoid a €95 fine  --->  buy a phone holder for €10 (including installment)